Daily photo adventure

Hey all,

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Lately I’ve been doing more second shooter work for weddings, it’s easier as this isn’t my primary gig. I’ve been working with the awesome Laura Yanez Aguirre and once her new site is live I’ll post a link so you can check out her and our work!

But to the primary reason for this post! I have been thinking of doing a daily photo challenge using only the iPhone. The primary reason is this saying “the best camera is the one you have with you”. And I very seldom have my Nikon d7100 or Sony a7sii with me, but always have my iPhone. I’m going to be using the native lens on the iPhone and at times secondary attachments to increase the vantage of the phone.

For the attachments I’m going to be using moment, I love the company and what they do. And hopefully in this adventure help people realize what their phones are capable of and inspire them to take more photos.

Check out my instagram for the photos and follow if you like what you see!

Account @fully_ripe_studios


Check out Moment lenses

Get a discount and I’ll get small portion.

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